Sometimes Alone in a Room

Posted in Emotions, Love & Pain on May 18, 2015 by Poetic Flow

When I am alone in the room,
And the windows are closed,
I sit to myself in silence
Wondering what the world would
Be like without out.

Your words hurt,
Leavings wounds that never heal.
My mind stores everything you say,
Becoming constant reminders
Of the cruel side of who you are.

You make me want to hide
In the shadows,
Making me feel I am not
Worthy of this life.
And my body yearns
For love and affection
Which you take away
From me freely.

I walk out the door
Envisioning what it would be like
To never come back
Thinking that
Perhaps we are better off living
Worlds apart,
No longer able to take
The damage of your
Spiteful tongue.

When I am alone in the room,
I tend to find peace within myself
When you are not there.
It soothes the fear that rises
Up within me…
A fear that you will cut me down
If I speak out of term.
If I make a mistake.

You do not accept my flaws
Or my imperfection.
This is what breaks my heart
Beyond anything else in life.

You expect me to provide you
Shelter and meals
To supply your comfort of living,
While I am hurting deep down inside.

When I am alone in the room,
And you are not there,
I find myself praying for the day
For you to leave
And never come back.
I will cry for a moment,
But those tears will turn
To tears of relief
Because I will finally be free
Of this pain I carry.

For the book, “Imperfection: Of Life’s Devine
Written May 18, 2015
All Rights Reserved


My Freedom

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Tattooed to the skin of my body
Is the freedom of life.
I have walked one hundred miles
To escape the confusion
Of you
And your hurtful tongue
That cuts me down.

You do not control
The ground to which I walk,
The air to which I breathe.
You have no control over
The morning glory
That brightens my day
At the rising sun.

I am not held captive
To your amazing grace
Because I see right
Through your layers of insecurities.
No longer am I bound
By the pretentiousness
Of your idealistic world.

I spread my wings like
The butterfly I am,
Escaping on the winds of dawn
To find refuge in the comfort
Of my new home called life.

To your own deception and quiet calm,
I leave you to wallow in an
Unspoken guilt
To live without me to use
As your vessel and tool
Of mental anguish.

Goodnight sweet prince,
As our kingdoms part ways
Into the night where we once
Danced the minuet
Under the silver moon.

For the book “Imperfection: Of Life’s Devine”
Written May 18, 2015
All Rights Reserved

I Am In My Finest Moment

Posted in Life on April 8, 2015 by Poetic Flow

RRTake a look at me now.
I bet you never thought
You would see me
Standing here with both feet
Planted on solid ground.

I bet you never thought
You would see
Me walking tall
With my head held high
With my confidence
Outshining your brightest day.
How stupid do you feel thinking
You won over my strength?

Those days you tried to keep me down,
When my tears flowed like
Raging rivers,
I bet you never thought
You would see the days of calm,
When even the thought of
Hating you never crossed
My heart, body, mind and soul.
That I can step to you and smile,
Hold out my hand of forgiveness
And never breathe your name
From that moment forward.

RR2Because I am in my finest moment.
Where life has humbled me,
I have grown into a woman
Who has found her self-worth.
I don’t beg for comfort of man
When I have God on my side
To keep me lifted in his divine graces.
I don’t cry over those who
Found it necessary to walk away
From me because my life
Was not to their satisfaction.

They missed the best part of
Who I am.
The best part of the story
Of what my life has become.
And I don’t chase after them.
From crawling on my hands and needs,
From nearly becoming a part of
The street elements when I had nowhere to turn,
I stood up and cried one last cry,
And God heard me and put me
Where he would have me be.
Yeah, this is the part they missed.
When success would become a better
Part of me.
When sleeping in my car
Was no longer a choice.

Hunger become a distant memory,
And I was no longer cold and scared
Of what was out there facing me.
I can put on my clothes and not
Feel a shamed of who I am.
I can walk down the street and feel
The sun shining warmly in my face.
I am not lonely
Because I don’t fear loneliness.
And I don’t long for conversation
Because sometimes,
Talking to God is the only
Conversation I need.

I am not defeated.
I did not let the struggles
Of my life defeat me.

Kiss Me Sunrise

Posted in Love & Relationships on March 22, 2015 by Poetic Flow

Take me by the hand
And let us ride this storm into
A new tomorrow.
Shake off the past
Shackled to our feet,
And wash off the pain and sorrow
From our tired bodies.

I see in us a newness of life restored.
Our goals…
Our ambitions…
Takes me into a zone
That tells me I am home with you.

I can’t remember waking up
To sunshine happy to see the day
Ahead of me,
With you laying next to me.
I closed my my eyes to
Let the sun kiss me on the cheek,
Reminding me of what
This happiness feels like.
You have awakened a spirit in me.

Deep inside your soul
I see a whole new world starting to unfold.
It’s a place we once talked about
When you saw
Heaven in my eyes
Way back when.

I can’t see tomorrow’s sunrise
Living without you.
From the depths of a dark place
I have lived,
You rescued me
Into your light
Of love and happiness,
Restoring my soul
And mending my
Once broken heart,
Easing my once weary mind.

Kiss me sunrise,
Wake me up into your sweet embrace
To live with the man
I have loved a lifetime.
Keep that eternal flame
Shining brighter than
Shooting stars.

Let us be reminded of the
Moonlight waltzes
We will forver have together
Dancing our way into
A new place to re-discover
A new us under the silver moon.

Into a new dawn comes
The reasoning for saying
Goodbye to yesterday’s past,
And saying hello to a future we
Knew could exist.

Let the sunrise kiss your cheek,
If only once to open your eyes
To see my smile in a place
Where we are one…
To where we have come to be
In this time…
Where we have grown to be
To each other in a world
Made just for us.

The world we once knew
Will love us or hate us,
Either way,
They will see the sunshine
In our eyes.

Written March 10, 2014


Posted in Life on May 5, 2014 by Poetic Flow

I carry the weight
Of uncertainty
On my shoulders every day.
The bricks of weariness
Strapped to my feet
With each step I take.

In the shadows you will
Find me hiding from
Loneliness conversations
That tip toe through my dreams
At night.

I looked to my mother
For her comforting spirit
To find she’s abandoned me
To the valley of lost souls.
To never look upon my face again.
To never speak my name.
To never be reminded of my existence.
I am here alone.

I reach out to the Heavens
To save me from despair
These days have brought me.
And through the tears I’ve shed
Came the sound of my soul
Ripping through my heart,
Tearing my body apart,
To break free from the misery
I have long suffered,
With the sound of thunder
Roaring through the sky.

In the field of Calla Lilies,
Of white pleasance and peace,
My body lay still…
Letting a newness of life
Overcome me.
Being lifted from this body
To be reborn to a world in time
Where music plays of a
Glorified paradise.

Angels dance around me,
Welcoming me to this place of
Calm surroundings.
And my mind is suddenly at peace.
Happiness is at the front door
Of my today, tomorrow, and forever.
And all my wounds
From my days of suffering and sorrow
Have all healed and gone away.

I kick off the shackles
From my feet
Of yesteryear’s past
To kneel down
To kiss the ground of
The path to my freedom of life.

My voice will ring freedom’s peace,
Blasting all those who were against me
To come falling to their knees
Begging for my forgiveness,
Only to come at a price.

I bring you the newness
Of this life.
I bring you the newness
Of me.
Come into this place
Where I reign supreme
In the days I walk
The roads of eternity,
Or you don’t come at all.

Let your eyes
Look upon me.
I am still standing.
Where I was once broken,
I have been made whole.
To learn how to love and be loved.
To live in the light
Of God’s promise to me.
To dance to a new tune
Of tomorrow’s future.

No more tears will I shed
For those who break my heart.
And try to tear down my spirit.
Into the burning pits of hell
Shall they be banished
To live out their days of sins
Committed against me.

Goodnight days of past
That has taught me well.
Into tomorrow shall I ride
On the tail of a shooting star
Into the light of tomorrow’s future,
Where only fading memories
Of you shall remain,
And tomorrow I will wake with the sun
On my face
Never to live in the
Dark days of sorrow again.

For the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”

Without Perfection

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Without Perfection

Dear Diary, Part I: Love’s Funny Games

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Dear Diary,
Love has gone and played a trick on me.
Making me love him more today
Than in the days that have long since
Past and gone.
Up until that night he took me into his arms,
I had forgotten what it felt like to be held by him.
There was the passionate sensation
That flowed through me
With each time his lips touched mine,
A sense of renewed love and faith
That our lives can go on in one accord
From these days going forward.

We have suffered such heartache,
Have seen so many tears fall,
That these last days
Has made the time we have left
Here on Earth
Worth fighting for.

We have recognized our wrong doings,
Have struggled through the days of unhappiness,
Only to find our way back
To the guiding light
Of unending happiness
For the rest of our golden years.
And for the rest of my life
I will hold his hand
Through the good times.
Through the bad times.
Through the times
When life feels uncertain.

He has missed me
Into a broken heart
And loved me into
A new salvation.
He has glorified our existence of love,
To where I have begun
Worshiping the air he breathes.

I find myself drifting off into space,
Lost in dreams of him
Taking center stage in my heart,
And dancing minuets on my soul.
It makes me forget why I ever wanted to go away.
It makes me forget why I ever wanted him
To let me go.

Love has played funny games with my emotions,
Caught in his tenderness
And sweet caress
That I fell in love with him all over again.
He whispered we always loved each other
Just needed to express it
In ways we understood,
And in that single moment I wanted to cry,
But my heart was so touched,
That I just soaked up the words he spoke,
Blanketing my heart,
To carry them for as long as
We walk hand in hand to the end of time.

From the book “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”

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