Visions of My Love

I’ll see you.
And I will love you.
My heart will cradle your soul
From within its realm
And it will protect you from within.
Cherishing the love that which you
Have so graciously given to me.

I will light a candle for every moment
You are not here.
To guide you home when you’ve lost your way.
Your tears I will wipe away,
Left on my fingertips,
Blown away in the blowing wind.
I will love you without questions or conditions,
For you are the world which my life
Cannot be without.

The music that plays reminisces
The waltz we danced on the blue horizon
Not so many moons ago,
And yet they are relived in the shadows of my dreams.

Your sweet embrace comforts me,
Easing the fear that walked across my soul.
And I am comforted by the warmth of your touch,
And filled immensely by the amazing grace
Of God’s good blessings of the morning glories
You and I awake to.

I will love you
Just as you have loved me.
Nothing will change from today,
To tomorrow for you have imprisoned
My heart within your own.
When I am not here,
I am never too far.
You call my name and I will hear you
Even in the heavy rain that falls.

(DRAFT – Copyright 5/29/10, from the 3rd Upcoming Book, “Imperfections”)


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