It is the aphrodisiac of the creative mind.
It frees us from ourselves,
From that moment in time
Which has gripped our present reality
To let the words fall from our inner thoughts,
Onto paper,
Flow from our mouths,
The spoken word that tells our story.

It is the orgasm we feel
When the words strike our souls with fire,
Stimulating our mind,
That we tremble with such force.
We shout in awe of where
The words have allowed us to travel,
To experience the realism of a life
We only dare to dream.

It is the mental stability that
Holds and keeps up together in a saner sense,
When any and everything can
Drive us mad and criminally insane.
It is a threshold of power within its realm,
Moving us to face,
What before,
We could not face…
Our fears.
And yet it embraces us.

It is what brings pen and paper together as one
In a literary world,
Sacrificing other natures of our being
From those things we could have indulged
For this one unique opportunity to
Perform in front of a world,
To let be heard what we’ve only
Come to whisper,
Advocating for a newer equality of life,
Living outside of the barriers of
War and pain,
Singing loudly to the heaven’s for
Love and peace.


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