Deep down my soul aches quietly
Behind the sweet sound of
The whispering wind.
It’s the music that soothes me,
The memories of your touch
That hurt,
And yet I fear
I am left to bear this burden alone.
The irony that I cannot do without you,
Deep down my soul aches quietly
In the darkness with
Selfish wonders of wanting you
So badly
Resting on my shoulders.
What captures me in the far east part
Of my mind
Are the erotic thoughts that seem
To dance around like children on playgrounds.
I cannot oppose this subtle grace
That holds me fearless of doing
Whatever comes natural.
That was just never me.
My naked body cast to the midnight horizon to
Redeem myself of the
Dirty little secrets I’ve kept buried inside.
Didn’t you think enough of me to
Riddle them clean of my aching soul?
I am a slave to that which you behold,
What others call ungodly wantings
Of a man who long since has been mine.

From the book “Imperfections:  Of Life’s Divine”


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