A One-Night Stand

We met in a bar.
One night after work.
He said I was the most
Beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
No one’s ever said I
Was beautiful before.
He was smitten.
So was I.
He loved the way I walked.
The way I talked.
The way I danced on the dance floor.
He was a smooth talker.
Gentle in his approach.

Gentle in his touch,
That he held me with
Love and affection and compassion.
Said he never wanted to let me go.
Wanting to always be with me.

He promised he would love me.
Take care of me.
Give me what the world
Could never give me.
Said he would always be there for me.
He said he would never leave me alone.
He said he would shower me with gifts,
Always be my one and all.
And he touched my body,
Inside and out.
Made me feel like I’ve never
Felt before in this life time.
His touch upon my lips
Filled me immensely.

In the end all he did was lie to me.
One lie after another.
He robbed me of my innocence.
Left me in a cold and desolate place
In my mind of lost memory,
Trapped in a broken state.
He left me to fight to remember
Where I was and where I had been.
Leaving me to rely on the trust
Of strangers to find my way home.
I had to run with the wind in my face
To keep from losing consciousness.

In the days that followed,
And they were far too long with no end,
He never called to see if I
Found my way home safely that dark night
He left me alone.
He never returned my countless calls.
We eventually became a distant blur
Of an unspoken love affair
That was nothing more than a one-night stand,
One that was never to transpire.

He stole my clothing.
Robbed me of my dignity and pride.
And there was the one time
I actually cried out of shame.

It was on an unsuspecting day
In the time that followed,
That our paths would soon cross again.
He came calling with the same
Promises and lies.
The same gambles of life.
Oh, yeah,
And that charming smile
And gentle touch.
I partook of his essence
Given to me one last time,
Then I had to fall back on
The memories he left me with
So many years before.
I’m sorry, Tequila,
Your liquid madness
Just isn’t for me.
It’s over between us,
Since you left me alone
In that dark wilderness
Such a long time ago.

(Revised December 9, 2010)


One Response to “A One-Night Stand”

  1. Patricia Valle Says:

    Such a deep, emotional poem that left me in tears. Thank you so much for sharing!

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