This Aching Feeling

Do you think of me even in a moments passing?
Do you whisper my name even on the breath of a midnights wind?
Do you relish in the memory of the love I give so willingly
From my body within?
Do you feel for me how I feel for you?
Do you long for me in my absence
The way that I long for you when you are not there?
You, the one I have loved for so long.
Or have we come to find ourselves passing in the night
On different ships?
Drifting into worlds apart,
Non-existent to each other?

This aching lonliness I feel at the surface of my heart
Has thrown me into a frenzy of darkness,
A place where I have found solitude,
Where my tears reign supreme behind closed doors,
Never setting me free.

The love from your warm embrace is absent from my soul.
The love we made that brought our bodies one to one
Is that of a fading memory lost in the distance.
I see you there,
And yet invisible to you I have become.

This aching inside is that which I cannot shake.
Afraid that when I open my eyes you will be
That of a dream that’s left me
With kissless nights under Heaven’s moonlit skies,
And your tender lips that once touched mine will escape me
And be no more.
I was yours at one time, but only in a dream.

Did it ever occur to you that the days of distant pasts
Have come back to linger with regrets of the
Pain we’ve experienced,
That which has torn us apart in some unexpected way?
I have given all I could give of myself
Thus it never enough to satisfy you,
Or to return to the love we once shared.

If we have reached the end of the horizon,
I can only pray that the light that shines on the
Tail of the shooting star
Will bring us back together to live out our days
Like that which we once planned.
I will never cease loving you in this world
Or the next.

(For the coming book “Imperfections: Of Life’s Devine,”)


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