Love Me Gently

Tis the day will come
When all I want to do is to
Fall away into your field of dreams.
Where in the moon light
We will share what only lovers could share.

Your touch moves me with the
Sway of the ocean’s waves,
And I am hypnotized by the
Feelings I’ve succumb to.
My tears disappear in the
Blowing wind –
Your breath upon my skin
Soothing my once troubled soul.
Love me gently,
For my heart was weary.
Bring me back to the
Long days of making love
Where all I know is you
And the music we make together,
And you changing and rearranging my world,
Making it whole again.
Whenever you kiss me
Long and sweet,
My heart skips a beat,
And I want to fall in love
With you all over again.
My body is jellified,
Caught in the reminiscence
Of who you once became to me,
To whom we became to each other,
That, which time keeps us here
Sharing in this life.
I don’t ask why,
Just ask where in time will we go.
Hold my hand like you used to.
Love me gently,
Ending all of my sorrowful days.
Fill me of the heavenly blessings
Your body beholds,
And we are
Intertwined with each other,
underneath the cherry blossom trees.
Be my thirst for lust,
My drive for desiring all you possess inside,
The one I run to for a tender moment,
Embraced in your revelry.
Kiss me standing on
The horizon of a new day.
Help me to renew my faith
In what we had,
And continue to have.
Take me to that place in your heart,
Letting me wake up to the reality
Of the trueness of our love.

But whatever you do,
Love me gently
As I give my heart and soul back to you,
And we become one in this new life
We create for each other.

(“Imperfections:  Of Life’s Divine”)


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