Beneathe the Disguise

Look at my smile,
The vision of sunshine
To any gloomy day,
That which wakes you from your dark sleep,
Moving you through the greatness of a day
You’ve only dreamed of.

Feel my kiss upon your lips,
Quenching your thirst of my love
You feed off of,
Easing your hunger
And destroying any doubts
Of my love for you.

Look into my eyes and see
The passion flowing through me
Like water down a glistening fall,
Forever am I there for you
To fulfill your needs and desires,
To host your heart’s itentions
Through the sacrifices of myself.

Have you looked deep inside me?
To see the hurt and pain that flows?
To see what’s behind the sunshine smile
You worship,
That you look forward to seeing every day of a day?
You fall asleep to my lullaby kisses
And gentle touches of affection,
That you neglect to see the beauty of me.
I sail off to sleep with a tear in my eyes
And a heavy heart.

I put on a daily disguise to hide
What you have chosen to ignore
And others cannot see.
What you cannot see.
I give so much of myself
Asking only very little in return
That my own cry for happiness,
The need for your love and affection goes unheard.

Look beneathe the disguise
To find the woman you left behind.
I am so far away from you,
Though I am here,
That I accept your your pitty of
Affection you throw my way from one time to another.
I feed off of your lack of attention
Just to exist in your world
That does not seem to include me.

You’ve pushed me in the farthest corner of your heart,
And yet I continue to give so much of myself.
If you look beneathe the disguise,
You’ll find an empty vessel
Clinging to the light of day,
Craving an ounce of life from the love
We once shared before time
Brought us to this place.

I continue to put on a friendly face
To keep the sun shining,
To not draw others into
My sorrow that’s been in long existence.
I tend to everyone else’s happiness
While my own happiness is drained.
And yet I live on
Behind the walls of your life.

If thou does not love me anymore,
Why keep me dangling on a string
And hiding behind a disquise,
Locked in the shadows of what used to be
Your love?
Throw me back into the ocean,
Setting me free.
If in the future our paths shall cross,
And if it’s in the cards that
Our lives shall meet again,
Then shall we revisit the idea of love
Between us,
If it’s to be,
Then God will say so.
If not,
No regrets for it was a fun ride
While it lasted.

Take a look behind the disguise
And see what you’re losing.
Don’t wait too long
Because then it could very well
Be too late.


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