Good Morning Uncertainty

I heard it once said,
That in the wake of uncertainty,
It will find itself sitting at the edge of the bed staring back at me.
It’s arms will be folded,
It’s legs will be crossed,
And it will have a very distinct look on its face.
The look of uncertain moments to come.

I heard it once said,
That even though you are smiling,
Behind that smile is a broken person.
I am that broken person.
Awakened to the face of uncertainty,
Wondering when will the pieces be put back together again.

I have not my mothers arms to run to,
To hide from that which has burdened me for so long,
The burden of life’s responsibilities,
Which I have to conquer the fear that rides along its side.
Regardless of how I have stood
Facing adversity in the face,
I continue to be kicked when I am down,
And never uplifted by that little array of hope
That shines from the light at the other end of the tunnel.

Good morning, uncertainty,
I know you well from this day going forward,
To the days of long distance past.
I wake to your wonderment from dreams
That leave me quivering,
And yet you smile down on me
As if to set my world a blaze.

Do not be so happy to see my worries surface
To be written all my face,
Showing from beneath the words of feeling fine,
And a smile that is supposed to hide what’s deep inside.
Though I am riddled with fright of how today’s time will find itself,
Spare me the agony by leaving me in this room to hide from the sunshine.
Let me weather the storms from inside my own box,
Shielded from judging eyes and pointing fingers.

This day I cannot see my feet
One in front of the other.
Standing still with nowhere to go.
Uncertainty has me held hostage,
And all that I can do is cry inside
The falling rain.

Good morning, uncertainty,
Go and leave me in peace to face the memories
Past years have left me with.
When I find the door to the trueness of  freedom and happiness,
That will lead to the end to these burdens that shackle me,
I will walk through it to greet the better days
I was once promised long ago.

In the meantime,
This is where you will find me,
A shot of tequila,
And me.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
From the book, “Imperfections:  Of Life’s Divine”


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