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Talking to the Moon

Posted in Life, Love & Romance, Pain, Poetry on February 26, 2013 by Poetic Flow

Pondering the thoughts
Of yesterday’s time.
The wind blowing around
The thoughts in mind of
Where in this place we are.
Somewhere on Lovers Lane
That love I held strong in
My soul for you has become displaced.
And thus I sit here
Talking to the moon
Trying to find where it is
I lost my way.

There is no doubt
In these feelings I feel
That I do still love you from
The bottom of my heart,
But when my eyes envision your face
From a distance when you are not here,
I don’t see the same man I loved
When we first walked down
Flower paved roads.
And thus I sit here
Talking to the moon,
Trying to find where it is
We go from here.

I will never ask you
If your love for me has changed.
I am not accustom to the words
Fear and rejection for they
Hold me captive to my own misery.
You once gave me
What the world could never give me,
Your undying love and devotion,
Your affection that grounded me
And made me whole,
Your warm embrace that protected me,
Your tender kiss that soothed me,
Erasing my troubles for just that moment.
I never feared loneliness because
You were always there,
Your songs of faith and devotion
Sheltered me from those who
Never cared for me.

We were one in the eyes of those
Who would see us.
Our laughter filled the air
Soaring on the tail end of the wind.
My heart used to skip a beat
Whenever you weren’t around,
And I slept sleepness nights
If you weren’t at my side.
That was when you and I were one.
When love was something we had
To hold on to.
And thus I sit here
Talking to the moon
Fighting back the tears,
Regretting the days that have
Pushed us a part.

If in a day,
You want to blame me for the missteps
Our love has taken.
Let me lay down my pride and selfishness,
And take the beatings your words
Shall give me.
The harshness only you know how
To inflict on a woman’s soul.
If in this time your forgiveness
Goes unfounded,
Then let me go into a world of the unknown
Where I will not back track to find you,
Only to keep moving forward
Into happiness bliss
To find where it is I truly belong.
Just don’t keep me here
To remind you of those things you’ve lost
Because if you open your eyes
You are a reminder of the things I’ve lost 
That time can never replace.

And as I sit here
Talking to the moon,
I can only make one simple wish
To ask if in this lifetime it is not
Meant for you and I to share in
What we’ve wanted for so long,
That we equally set each other free
To go into our own
Corners of different worlds
To be where it is we truly want to be,
To do what it is that makes us whole,
To not drag out a togetherness
Built on false pretenses.

From the book “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”
February 26, 2013


Call Me Misty Valentine

Posted in Love & Romance on February 14, 2013 by Poetic Flow

(It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written a Valentine’s Day poem.  Today I thought I’d take a crack at it and see if I still could.  If you’ve ever truly been in love in your lifetime, you know what love feels, and if you’ve ever truly been in love and experienced the melt down side effects of it, then you can relate to that as well.  Love should never hurt, but sometimes it does.  It is that hurt that makes us strong because we find in our next lifetime of romance, love does get a little friendlier, but sometimes it becomes just as challenging.  With that said, I hope you enjoy “Call Me Misty Valentine.”)

You romanced me when the days of love were strong,
When the fire between us was intense.
I held you in my soul,
Keeping you to myself,
Where in a word…I was loved.

I cry at Valentines Day,
The tears shed of a happiness and of a joy
That only you brought to my sunshine.
You served my world with flowers in a field of dreams
And chocolate candies that spelled out my name.

I reminisce over the memory of your sweet kisses,
The nights you would hold me close,
And I would fall away into your slumberland.
Sweet dreams of the love we made
Dances around in my head
With the words of your promises
To forever love me
Plays to a gentle tune of memories
Of where we once were
To where we are now.
And it makes me cry at Valentine’s Day,
The reality of a reflection
Of loving you
With every vessel of my being,
When loving you felt so right.

I am mystified at how time has passed,
How it has changed us.
We live in two different worlds
Where love has a different picture of reality.
I knock on your door at Valentine’s Day
To escape into your sunset,
To dance under the stars,
And sail away into the blue horizon,
Wrapped in your sweet embrace,
To once more experience
That loving magic
When our love for each other was all we knew.

Do You Remember Us

Posted in Emotions, Love & Romance on February 4, 2013 by Poetic Flow

Blue wilted flowers in a half cracked vase.
Stale chocolate candies
In a torn and worn discolored box.
A card of love and fairy tales
Crumpled in an envelope,
Let me blow away the dust,
To relive the subtle reminders of memories
Of what days of being love once felt like.

Burned out scented candles,
Soft playing music on an old
Record player.
Dimmed lights in the middle of winter,
It was then you loved me.
We kissed our cares away,
Buried our pasts in the sensual love we made,
It was then you gave me something
To hold on to.
Do you remember love?
Do you remember us?

Yesterday we hung on to what
Life could bring us in a broken down world.
Today we barely say hello
Without the wonder if there’ll even be
A tomorrow to look forward to.
And yet I kiss you in the wake of the morning sun,
But run to the other side of dawn
To find the realism of my sanity
On the edge of a stolen happiness used to remind me of
What life should be like with you today.
Tell me,
Do you remember love?
Do you remember us?
When the smell of my sweet perfume
Kept you dialing my number whenever we were apart?
When the thought of my smile lit a path
To guide you back to me.
When we could dance in a field of lilies
And feel we could
Never grow old and weary,
With time always on our side?
It was then we knew what love was.
Young and strong.

I rather live in five minutes of
Yesteryear’s love that built the
Foundation we walked upon.
Than to live in tomorrow’s fading memories.
Way back when was when love meant something.
We weren’t just together to exist,
A simple matter of convenience.
Then was when love was real
And we cherished the wilted flowers
And stale chocolate candies.
Give me that love once more
Even if it’s just for five minutes.
And I’ll give you a lifetime of
My heart.

From the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”

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