Do You Remember Us

Blue wilted flowers in a half cracked vase.
Stale chocolate candies
In a torn and worn discolored box.
A card of love and fairy tales
Crumpled in an envelope,
Let me blow away the dust,
To relive the subtle reminders of memories
Of what days of being love once felt like.

Burned out scented candles,
Soft playing music on an old
Record player.
Dimmed lights in the middle of winter,
It was then you loved me.
We kissed our cares away,
Buried our pasts in the sensual love we made,
It was then you gave me something
To hold on to.
Do you remember love?
Do you remember us?

Yesterday we hung on to what
Life could bring us in a broken down world.
Today we barely say hello
Without the wonder if there’ll even be
A tomorrow to look forward to.
And yet I kiss you in the wake of the morning sun,
But run to the other side of dawn
To find the realism of my sanity
On the edge of a stolen happiness used to remind me of
What life should be like with you today.
Tell me,
Do you remember love?
Do you remember us?
When the smell of my sweet perfume
Kept you dialing my number whenever we were apart?
When the thought of my smile lit a path
To guide you back to me.
When we could dance in a field of lilies
And feel we could
Never grow old and weary,
With time always on our side?
It was then we knew what love was.
Young and strong.

I rather live in five minutes of
Yesteryear’s love that built the
Foundation we walked upon.
Than to live in tomorrow’s fading memories.
Way back when was when love meant something.
We weren’t just together to exist,
A simple matter of convenience.
Then was when love was real
And we cherished the wilted flowers
And stale chocolate candies.
Give me that love once more
Even if it’s just for five minutes.
And I’ll give you a lifetime of
My heart.

From the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”


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