Call Me Misty Valentine

(It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written a Valentine’s Day poem.  Today I thought I’d take a crack at it and see if I still could.  If you’ve ever truly been in love in your lifetime, you know what love feels, and if you’ve ever truly been in love and experienced the melt down side effects of it, then you can relate to that as well.  Love should never hurt, but sometimes it does.  It is that hurt that makes us strong because we find in our next lifetime of romance, love does get a little friendlier, but sometimes it becomes just as challenging.  With that said, I hope you enjoy “Call Me Misty Valentine.”)

You romanced me when the days of love were strong,
When the fire between us was intense.
I held you in my soul,
Keeping you to myself,
Where in a word…I was loved.

I cry at Valentines Day,
The tears shed of a happiness and of a joy
That only you brought to my sunshine.
You served my world with flowers in a field of dreams
And chocolate candies that spelled out my name.

I reminisce over the memory of your sweet kisses,
The nights you would hold me close,
And I would fall away into your slumberland.
Sweet dreams of the love we made
Dances around in my head
With the words of your promises
To forever love me
Plays to a gentle tune of memories
Of where we once were
To where we are now.
And it makes me cry at Valentine’s Day,
The reality of a reflection
Of loving you
With every vessel of my being,
When loving you felt so right.

I am mystified at how time has passed,
How it has changed us.
We live in two different worlds
Where love has a different picture of reality.
I knock on your door at Valentine’s Day
To escape into your sunset,
To dance under the stars,
And sail away into the blue horizon,
Wrapped in your sweet embrace,
To once more experience
That loving magic
When our love for each other was all we knew.


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