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I’d Love to Hate You

Posted in Love & Romance on April 11, 2013 by Poetic Flow

I want to hate you past
The day you were born.
Forget I ever knew your name.

I want to forget the day
When we first kissed.
That first day we ever made love.

I want to forget the day
When you were an obssession,
When you were that one thing
I could not do without,

I want to forget that moment
When you entered my innocence,
And made me fall in love with you.
It was then you took me into your soul
And we became one to one.

You send me into this
Sweetness of hating you,
And yet the reason for loving you
Reign like fire in my soul
And remains all to real.
Is letting you go supposed to
Hurt so much?

I want to tiptoe out of your world,
Taking all of the memories of me
Out of your mind,
So if in the next life
Our paths should cross,
You will not know my name.

In the midnight hour
When I am alone with you.
You make me feel like
Time has stood still for us.
You take every last breath of me.

I ask in the time to come
Will we grow old and gray together,
But I can only see days
Of tears ahead
Disguised in the falling rain.

You bring me to this
Sweet madness of hating you,
Even down to the last caress
And the last taste of your sweet kisses.

I want to hate you past
The day you were born.
Be nothing more than
A passing fantasy.

In the midnight hour,
I want to tiptoe out of your world
To find what it was I lost
Many years ago.
To become re-acquainted with
Who I am and who I have aspired to be.

Good night lover,
We knew each other well,
But it’s time to put it all to an end.
I will always love you.
I will always love you.
But now I must bid thee farewell.

From the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”
April 11, 2013

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