Ask me how my day was.
Make me feel of importance to you.
Every day I take the long journey home
Feeling empty inside
As if there is nothing to come home to,
But the reality that you are there.
I try so hard to hide what I feel inside,
There are just things you do that makes me crazy.

I forget who you are sometimes.
That I start to wonder if
I exist in your world.
But I look to the newness of another day,
There is where I can find some relief
That I will be out in the streets
Accompanied by the kind words and attention
Of strangers.

You don’t seem to realize
The pain I feel deep down inside,
How I miss who we used to be.
You sit there lost in your own world
And don’t even notice me.
And yet you complain about the smallest things
I don’t do or have not done.
That is when you notice I’m alive,
That is when you know my name…
Only to point out my flaws and my mistakes.

Ask me how I feel when I’m sick,
Ask me if I’m ok if you see I am in pain.
Give me the benefit of the doubt
That you acknowledge I’m alive.


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