Goodnight Lover

Goodnight sweet lover,
We’ve been on this ride
For quite a long time.
Somewhere along the way,
In the years of our lives,
Love changed its mind.
Excuse me for a moment
While I make you hate me
To make you let me go.

In the end,
You will realize
That I will have saved you from days and nights
Of unnecessary tears and a broken heart,
Which neither one of us are strong enough
To survive.

If we stay on this road of loving each other,
Our worlds will surely collide.
Hang up your heart
At the edge of sunset,
Go down the boulevard of freedom
To the top of Amazing Grace
And watch the early days of our romance
Go down in a blaze of glory.

Goodnight, sweet lover,
To the spell you held over me.
Goodnight to blissful days of
Dancing in your shadows.
I’ll keep a lingering memory of you
Locked away in the far back of my mind
Where all my cherished are quietly kept.

In this love affair
We rejoiced in the love and fought in the hate,
We danced through the joy and cried through the pain,
We connected through the happiness and hid from the shame
When the realization was clear
We were going nowhere.
We drank to seeing each other leave
Through separate doors.
And I didn’t love you no more
The way I had once before.

Time reached its end for us,
And yet we’re still standing
Trying to hold on to something
That more sexually intense.
You took me to Heaven and back.
And with no other have I experienced
All that you have given me.
Such an amazing ride
We both have taken,
Goodnight sweet lover,
Tell me you’ll always love me,
I’ll bury all my regrets,
I won’t hate you one day.
Let me walk out of your life
With my head held high.

From the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”

Updated 12/10/13


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