Dear Diary, Part I: Love’s Funny Games

Dear Diary,
Love has gone and played a trick on me.
Making me love him more today
Than in the days that have long since
Past and gone.
Up until that night he took me into his arms,
I had forgotten what it felt like to be held by him.
There was the passionate sensation
That flowed through me
With each time his lips touched mine,
A sense of renewed love and faith
That our lives can go on in one accord
From these days going forward.

We have suffered such heartache,
Have seen so many tears fall,
That these last days
Has made the time we have left
Here on Earth
Worth fighting for.

We have recognized our wrong doings,
Have struggled through the days of unhappiness,
Only to find our way back
To the guiding light
Of unending happiness
For the rest of our golden years.
And for the rest of my life
I will hold his hand
Through the good times.
Through the bad times.
Through the times
When life feels uncertain.

He has missed me
Into a broken heart
And loved me into
A new salvation.
He has glorified our existence of love,
To where I have begun
Worshiping the air he breathes.

I find myself drifting off into space,
Lost in dreams of him
Taking center stage in my heart,
And dancing minuets on my soul.
It makes me forget why I ever wanted to go away.
It makes me forget why I ever wanted him
To let me go.

Love has played funny games with my emotions,
Caught in his tenderness
And sweet caress
That I fell in love with him all over again.
He whispered we always loved each other
Just needed to express it
In ways we understood,
And in that single moment I wanted to cry,
But my heart was so touched,
That I just soaked up the words he spoke,
Blanketing my heart,
To carry them for as long as
We walk hand in hand to the end of time.

From the book “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”


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