I carry the weight
Of uncertainty
On my shoulders every day.
The bricks of weariness
Strapped to my feet
With each step I take.

In the shadows you will
Find me hiding from
Loneliness conversations
That tip toe through my dreams
At night.

I looked to my mother
For her comforting spirit
To find she’s abandoned me
To the valley of lost souls.
To never look upon my face again.
To never speak my name.
To never be reminded of my existence.
I am here alone.

I reach out to the Heavens
To save me from despair
These days have brought me.
And through the tears I’ve shed
Came the sound of my soul
Ripping through my heart,
Tearing my body apart,
To break free from the misery
I have long suffered,
With the sound of thunder
Roaring through the sky.

In the field of Calla Lilies,
Of white pleasance and peace,
My body lay still…
Letting a newness of life
Overcome me.
Being lifted from this body
To be reborn to a world in time
Where music plays of a
Glorified paradise.

Angels dance around me,
Welcoming me to this place of
Calm surroundings.
And my mind is suddenly at peace.
Happiness is at the front door
Of my today, tomorrow, and forever.
And all my wounds
From my days of suffering and sorrow
Have all healed and gone away.

I kick off the shackles
From my feet
Of yesteryear’s past
To kneel down
To kiss the ground of
The path to my freedom of life.

My voice will ring freedom’s peace,
Blasting all those who were against me
To come falling to their knees
Begging for my forgiveness,
Only to come at a price.

I bring you the newness
Of this life.
I bring you the newness
Of me.
Come into this place
Where I reign supreme
In the days I walk
The roads of eternity,
Or you don’t come at all.

Let your eyes
Look upon me.
I am still standing.
Where I was once broken,
I have been made whole.
To learn how to love and be loved.
To live in the light
Of God’s promise to me.
To dance to a new tune
Of tomorrow’s future.

No more tears will I shed
For those who break my heart.
And try to tear down my spirit.
Into the burning pits of hell
Shall they be banished
To live out their days of sins
Committed against me.

Goodnight days of past
That has taught me well.
Into tomorrow shall I ride
On the tail of a shooting star
Into the light of tomorrow’s future,
Where only fading memories
Of you shall remain,
And tomorrow I will wake with the sun
On my face
Never to live in the
Dark days of sorrow again.

For the book, “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”


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