I Am In My Finest Moment

RRTake a look at me now.
I bet you never thought
You would see me
Standing here with both feet
Planted on solid ground.

I bet you never thought
You would see
Me walking tall
With my head held high
With my confidence
Outshining your brightest day.
How stupid do you feel thinking
You won over my strength?

Those days you tried to keep me down,
When my tears flowed like
Raging rivers,
I bet you never thought
You would see the days of calm,
When even the thought of
Hating you never crossed
My heart, body, mind and soul.
That I can step to you and smile,
Hold out my hand of forgiveness
And never breathe your name
From that moment forward.

RR2Because I am in my finest moment.
Where life has humbled me,
I have grown into a woman
Who has found her self-worth.
I don’t beg for comfort of man
When I have God on my side
To keep me lifted in his divine graces.
I don’t cry over those who
Found it necessary to walk away
From me because my life
Was not to their satisfaction.

They missed the best part of
Who I am.
The best part of the story
Of what my life has become.
And I don’t chase after them.
From crawling on my hands and needs,
From nearly becoming a part of
The street elements when I had nowhere to turn,
I stood up and cried one last cry,
And God heard me and put me
Where he would have me be.
Yeah, this is the part they missed.
When success would become a better
Part of me.
When sleeping in my car
Was no longer a choice.

Hunger become a distant memory,
And I was no longer cold and scared
Of what was out there facing me.
I can put on my clothes and not
Feel a shamed of who I am.
I can walk down the street and feel
The sun shining warmly in my face.
I am not lonely
Because I don’t fear loneliness.
And I don’t long for conversation
Because sometimes,
Talking to God is the only
Conversation I need.

I am not defeated.
I did not let the struggles
Of my life defeat me.


2 Responses to “I Am In My Finest Moment”

  1. Hunger become a distant memory,
    And I was no longer cold and scared

  2. Hey there….thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it. Keep coming back for more as I am currently working on some new pieces.

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