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Dancing With the Devil

Posted in Body & Soul, Pain on November 20, 2013 by Poetic Flow

I’ve had my heart right here.
To Find different ways to love you,
Always loving you the right way.
Was it ever my destiny
To give you what your heart deserves?
And all I’ve ever tried to do was
Just that,
And yet you’ve never seemed to
Remind me where my place was,
Which was never first in your soul.

At first you gave me your joy.
It was a world of you I was exposed to,
It made me open myself to you,
Let you explore places within
No one has ever gone.
That was what lovers was supposed to do.
That’s how I felt about you.

Wherever there was pain,
You wrapped your arms around me
To shield me from the aftermath.
And in the changing of the tides,
Our ships that collided,
Bringing us one to one
Where suddenly found that we
Were sailing in different directions
And there became this disconnect
That drove me away from you.
You away from me.

That day when our hands clashed
In ways that separated our souls,
Ripped at our hearts
That I was ready to leave then
But there was that flame that held me
Captive to your heart and soul,
To who you were to me,
That stepping out on that path
To a new land just didn’t seem
Where I needed to be.

My happiness fell from grace
When I opened my eyes in a dream
And did not see you there.
I held out my hand and the hand of an angel
Reached for me and pulled me into
His place of tranquility.

I cried no tears to wish for you
To be at my side,
And yet,
In the distance I could see you
With no expression on your face
Until the day you realized I was gone.
It was then in the rain tears fell
From your eyes.

I have fallen from you.
You have — somewhere in your spirit — let me go
And freely I have walked away.
One last time I stepped into your domain
To gather that world that was once mine
To take it away from you
Into another dimension,
You took me by the hand
And I could feel the fire from you
Rising up into my blood.

In an instance,
Our bodies were together like magic
Sexing under your moonlit sky.
My heart and mind wanted to say no
Yet my body wanted the experience,
If even for one last time,
That experience,
Which we only came to know
So many years ago.
And it was good,
Feeling like the first time
We danced this dance.
You were like dancing with the devil.

I felt the weight of your love
Reigning like a sunshine of gold.
Intoxicating and I was obsessed,
Wanting more than I was allowed to taste.
You touched me in places
Where my body was at your command.
We danced between the sheets of your
Sweet ecstacy,
And I poured out to you all the passion
My body could hold and willingly give.
You were like dancing with the devil
With your trickery of romance
In attempt to close that door
I had once walked out of.

Don’t make me say I love you
In this state of bodily being.
Forever do not take me back to that place
When loving you was all I wanted to do.
When loving you was all I knew.
Love me up then let me go,
You can exist in your world without me.
Please do not cry for me.
For I have not shed one tear
In this moment of being.
Leaving you seems to easy,
Yet it feels so hard to say goodbye.

From the book “Imperfections: Of Life’s Divine”



Posted in Body & Soul, Love & Romance on June 10, 2010 by Poetic Flow

Deep down my soul aches quietly
Behind the sweet sound of
The whispering wind.
It’s the music that soothes me,
The memories of your touch
That hurt,
And yet I fear
I am left to bear this burden alone.
The irony that I cannot do without you,
Deep down my soul aches quietly
In the darkness with
Selfish wonders of wanting you
So badly
Resting on my shoulders.
What captures me in the far east part
Of my mind
Are the erotic thoughts that seem
To dance around like children on playgrounds.
I cannot oppose this subtle grace
That holds me fearless of doing
Whatever comes natural.
That was just never me.
My naked body cast to the midnight horizon to
Redeem myself of the
Dirty little secrets I’ve kept buried inside.
Didn’t you think enough of me to
Riddle them clean of my aching soul?
I am a slave to that which you behold,
What others call ungodly wantings
Of a man who long since has been mine.

From the book “Imperfections:  Of Life’s Divine”

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