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Without Perfection

Posted in Life, Love & Pain, Sensual on April 23, 2014 by Poetic Flow

Without Perfection


Kiss Me Sweet Caress

Posted in Love & Romance, Poetry, Sensual on January 30, 2013 by Poetic Flow

Into the night on the blue horizon,
To find where we belong in this sweet caress.
Tenderly love me into the night
In company of the full moon
That shines on the fields
Where it is our bodies lay,
And give me sweet kisses that
Will lullaby me to sleep.
Let me awake with last night’s memory
Plastered on the walls of my mind,
And call me yours if just for a moment
On Valentine’s Day.

Dance with me the minuet you once spoke of
In your sweet whispers not that long ago.
It was that magical moment when we were once in love.

It is by the light of the silvery moon that
Prying eyes will find us engaged in a deep embrace,
Reliving the days of yesterday
For the purpose of forgetting the tears of the past.
Because in you I want to believe I’ve found
What happiness feels like,
The enjoyment of romance,
As it fills me immensely
And keeps me whole.

Let me find peace within your merciful love,
And hold me throughout the blowing winds.
Light a candle,
I’ll find my way back to your heart
If for whatever reason we are separated,
If for whatever reason I should become lost.

Kiss me with your soft lips,
Caress me with your tenderness.
I will follow you into the world of your seductions,
And succumb to the pleasures of your ecstasy.
It doesn’t matter how far away I go from you,
We will always come back together one to one
Unless love finds its way on a different path
And we become strangers to one another.

January 30, 2013
From the book, “Imperfections:  Of Life’s Divine”

Pure Serenity

Posted in Sensual on June 14, 2010 by Poetic Flow

Sometimes I need to escape to
An oasis within myself.
Away from everyone’s idle chatter.
Clear my head from the rhetoric conversations
That leaves me empty inside
And oblivious to what’s really going on.
And so does the clock strike 5
On the PM dial.
And here is where you will find me,
Retreating to my no-man’s land,
Caught between the sheets of
Silky bubbles,
Indulging in the hot caresses of
Nature’s blend of sweet goodness,
Draped comfortably around my body.
This is where I will forget the stresses of the day.
Hide from what tomorrow holds.
And sink into a pure serenity,
A place just beyond my dreams.
Let me fondle the pleasures
Of the sound of silence
Dipping into this moment
Of Heaven.
Don’t ruin the tranquility
I’ve become so familiar with.
Lock the door on your way out,
And leave me here
To drown in the sweet essence of
Pure serenity

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